The Nuoro's Country

Nuoro am the chief town town of the province that occupies the central part of the Sardegna, from the eastern rib to those Westerner, with a surface of 7.044 Kmq and a people of 280.000 abitanti.Il territory, prevalently hilly and mountainous, it is what it has better kept the natural environment, wood rich person, it stains Mediterranean, bitter and wild landscapes and rib a few crowds. The town, commonly esteemed capital of the Barbagia, gravitated more properly on a call zone " the nuorese ". The other sub-regions of the province is: the Baronie di Siniscola and Orosei and the Ogliastra to east; the Barbagie of Ollolai, Belvė, Seulo and the Sarcidano to south, the Marghine and the Planargia west; a border of the Gallura to north.

The broomcorn town on a ruled granitic upland to east from the Monte Ortobene and surrounded by valleys and from mountainous chain. Climate is temperate, with average temperature yearly about to the 13°-14° , moderately cold in winter and hot in the heart of the summer, even if doesn't miss myth days in both the seasons. An element from underlining is the instability of the climate, that is then a peculiarity of all the island, subject to change for the air raid impromptu cold and consequent drop of the temperature. More of the half of the territory of the Comune di Nuoro is engaged from pasture-land, about a quarter from wood, the remainder from sowable and wooden cultivation. From the [arborati] pasture-land of Sa Serra, where in the zone it escapes to to the fires of to him you last years, they are present cork-oaks and ilexes,  is dried to the seals of Jaccu Piu, of Val Verde and of the Ortobene, to the cultivate of olives, almonds and been in force of the high part of Marreri, of Badde Manna and on Grumene, to the court pasture-lands, a destined time to the sowable land.


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